How to access Online Services

To access our secure Online Services you’ll need to first log in using a secure service and then log in using an agency number for each relevant product.

Log in using a secure service

To access Online Services, you’ll need to log in using a secure third-party log in provider. You can do this using a Unipass Certificate or Unipass Identity account. You can also use Assureweb or IRESS Exchange if you have an existing account.


Unipass is the industry standard security solution for the life and pension industry, giving you access to Online Services from dozens of providers. You can use a Unipass Certificate or Unipass Identity to access our Online Services.

Unipass is:

  • Easy to apply for and use
  • Free for all financial advisers
  • Secure and encrypted
  • A unique online identity
  • Ready for use with mobiles and tablets (using Unipass Identity for tablet access)

Advisers based in some countries outside the UK can't currently obtain a Unipass certificate unless they have a UK based parent company.

Register now for a Unipass ID

For Unipass queries, contact the Unipass Helpdesk.

Remember to avoid sending any personal or confidential information by email. We advocate strong security and privacy principles.


For Assureweb queries, contact the iPipeline Support Team.

IRESS Exchange

For IRESS Exchange queries, contact the Exchange helpdesk.

Register for an agency number

Once you’ve logged in to our Online Services with Unipass or an alternative, you’ll need a Prudential agency account number for each relevant product to start using the services you have access to. If you don’t have an existing Prudential agency account number, you can register for one by visiting the Agency Registration and Management page.


You can also use the majority of our Online Services using the latest operating systems and browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. If you are accessing our Group Pensions Services using Internet Explorer, you will need to turn on ‘Compatibility Mode’ before logging in. You can do this through the ‘tools’ menu in Internet Explorer.

Our Terms and Conditions

By accessing PruAdviser we assume that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

Need help?

The PruAdviser Helpdesk can help with any queries on accessing and using the PruAdviser website, including our Online Services. The helpdesk is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

If you call and we're busy, you can receive a returned call from us without losing your place in the queue. Just leave your name and number.


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