Pep up your ISA planning

Session: 29 July 2021

The ISA has been with us for a little over two decades and is a relatively simple tax wrapper.  But financial planning is not simple. 

At the last count there was some £620 billion accumulated in ISAs. 

On this webinar Les Cameron, Head of Technical, and Cat McInally, Investment Business Development Manager looked at the demographics and trends we have seen getting to that £620 billion figure.  But, importantly, what should the financial planner be thinking of?

Cat homed in on the investment issues that should be considered for ISA holders. And Les looked at the financial planning considerations - when do you start, when should you stop and when might it be time for a change?  Looking at young savers, older withdrawers, and all points in between this should be an essential session for those looking for the best outcomes for their new and existing ISA savers.  

This session should help you gain a better understanding of:

  • The current demographics of UK ISA holders
  • The investment considerations for new and existing ISA holders
  • The financial planning considerations for new and existing ISA holders

Presenters – Les Cameron – Head of Technical

Cat McInally – Investment Business Development Manager 

To claim your CPD certificate, test your knowledge with the questions below.

Write down your answers to each of the following questions and check your answers when you click through to claim your CPD certificate on the link below.

Test your knowledge

1. The market value of ISA funds at the end of 2019/2020 was?

a. £2.6 billion

b. £62 billion

c. £620 billion


2. Bob put £100,000 in a Loan Trust which grew to £150,000. The Inheritance Tax (IHT) on this money would be:

a. £60,000

b. £40,000

c. £20,000


3. If a basic rate tax payer puts money in a pension and withdraws again within the basic rate tax band, the level of return generated by the pension tax system is:

a. 6.25%

b. 2.65%

c. 25.6%


4. Which of the following are required in all withdrawal strategies?

a. Cash flow modelling 

b. Past performance check

c. Asset allocation review


5. Residential property is often seen as inflation hedge because?

a. Property always retains its value 

b. It isn’t a good hedge

c. Rents often rise in line with inflation

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