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Future-proofing your business for sale

Session: 17 September 2021

‘The best day to plan for an exit from your business is the day you start it. The second-best day is today’...

Having navigated the difficult process of building and selling their respective regulated advice businesses, we teamed up with Victoria and Brian of City & Capital Acquisitions to provide insight into the acquisition landscape, and to help you view your business through the eyes of an acquirer. They are candid about the opportunities that exist, and clearly outline often simple fixes to improve business attractiveness, but also reveal some of the minefields and trip hazards both pre and post-sale, that ultimately result in a successful exit, or not.

An informative session designed to instil confidence for the complex process ahead, build a better understanding of how to get your business ready for succession and/or exit and to improve your business valuation and attractiveness, whether you are seeking a sale imminently, or whether you are building with the ultimate end in mind.

Learning Outcome – to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • How future-proofing your business can result in better outcomes for you, your clients and staff
  • What the acquisition landscape looks like and what are the expected future trends
  • When and how you should start preparing your business for a sale
  • What to consider for busying an IFA practice
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Future-proofing your business for sale

94 minutes

To claim your CPD certificate, test your knowledge with the questions below.

Write down your answers to each of the following questions and check your answers when you click through to claim your CPD certificate on the link below.

Test your knowledge

1. What has been cited as one of the reasons for some advisers moving from model or bespoke portfolios to multi asset or multi manager funds, which could also help a business sale? 

a. Guarantee of better performance 

b. More information going to clients

c. Affordability and simplicity

d. The FCA prefer the use of them


2. Why is Intergenerational Planning for clients seen as key when considering the sales of a business? 

a. Having younger clients on board could appeal to a younger buyer

b. Having a process in place to protect assets under management helps to ensure the future value of the business 

c. The FCA insist upon it 

d. It’s required under MFID rules


3. What is considered one of the biggest risks when buying an adviser business? 

a. A defined benefit transfer book of business where files many be incomplete and/or non compliant 

b. Having a detailed centralised investment proposition 

c. A small number of high net worth clients

d. Clients mainly in the 50-65 age group 


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